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Disable delete /reschedule task options for certain users



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    Katherine Mays

    Interesting idea, Jennifer! Are you asking for the ability to restrict which users can make changes to their tasks? Right now, anyone using Nutshell has the ability to delete and reschedule tasks, and the idea is to be sure that tasks are useful for anyone in Nutshell who is trying to manage their day. 

    Are there members of your team who you or your manager would like to prevent from removing or making changes to their tasks? I would love to hear more about a case where users should be restricted from making those changes. 

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    Jennifer Callaghan

    Yes, and I am actually the person that finds myself rescheduling tasks – another thought would be to notify my manager if I reschedule a task. Just trying to be proactive and not set myself behind. Thanks for getting back with me!

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