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How do I create a vcard for a contact in Nutshell?



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    Katherine Mays

    Great question, Bob! There are different ways to create vCards depending on what platform you're using. The easiest and most common way is through your choice of address book software. 

    Start by exporting your Nutshell contact list. The CSV file you download can then be added to any address book such as Outlook or Apple Contacts. 

    From there, you can share your contacts as vCards by exporting or "saving as" a .vcf file. 

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    Bob Gibbons

    Thanks for the response, but it's not what I expected at all. I'm shocked that a vcard can't be created directly from Nutshell since it's supposed to be a full-service CRM. Going through that many steps requires far more time than seems reasonable. Is Nutshell working to fix this or are they satisfied with the current status?

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    Katherine Mays

    We are always developing new functionalities to meet the needs our customers bring to us! Check out our New in Nutshell section to see the updates we've been working on. 

    We love feedback, so hearing that creating a vCard directly from Nutshell is important to you will help us prioritize our future updates. 

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    Deb Everly

    I have been searching for the same thing - a vcard solution seems simple and basic.  Hope Nutshell solves for this soon.

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