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Email view tracking




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    Roland Enriquez

    It would be awesome to see open rates for e-mail templates used in Nutshell - would be great for sales reps to see which crafted messages are having the most success while helping them to prioritize who to contact based on this KPI.

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    Ramiro Arevalo

    Do you give the ability to see who has "clicked" on your link within emails???

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    Katherine Mays

    These are great suggestions, fellas! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas for improving the email view tracking in Nutshell. We post updates about Nutshell regularly here, and you can opt in to new updates by clicking the "Follow" button on that page!

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    Kristin Seibert

    Would love to have reporting for tracked emails, including any clicks and forwards.  Thx!

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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks for your feedback, Kristin! For those who have participated in this thread, and for others who are interested in offering more feedback about the way Nutshell handles email tracking, you can click here to upvote this feature request on our community forum or add additional thoughts about its development.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts! Happy Nutshelling!

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