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How to manage Nutshell Campaigns access permissions for your team
How to manage Nutshell Campaigns access permissions for your team
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As an admin, you can control access to Nutshell Campaigns through our Roles and permissions functionality. You can grant team members full or limited access to Nutshell Campaigns.

Understanding the 'Access full Nutshell campaigns' permission

The 'Access full Nutshell campaigns' checkbox in the Roles and permissions table controls team members' access to Nutshell Campaigns:

  • Checked (Full access):
    Team members are granted unrestricted access to Nutshell Campaigns.

    They have access to Broadcasts, Newsletters, Drip sequences, Audiences

    and some other features within Marketing. They can create, send, and

    manage campaigns without any constraints.

  • (Unchecked) Limited access:
    Team members have restricted access to Nutshell Campaigns. These restrictions include:

    • Only having access to Broadcasts

    • Interacting exclusively with drafts and completed broadcasts they've created or own

    • Sending broadcasts solely to contacts they have permission to view such as to a saved list

    • Inability to schedule broadcasts

How to apply the permission per role

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users and teams > Manage all

  2. Find the 'Access full Nutshell campaigns' permission row in the table ​

  3. Find the specific role to which you want to apply the permission​

    Simply check the 'Access full Nutshell campaigns' checkbox to grant full access to Nutshell campaigns or leave it unchecked to apply restricted access to a specific role.​

    For more information about Nutshell's role-based access controls functionality, check out this help article.

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