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Turn email subscribers into sales leads
Turn email subscribers into sales leads

Which marketing email subscribers are worth your attention?

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So you’ve just sent out your first broadcast in Nutshell (yay!) and you now have thousands of recently contacted recipients sitting in a list. Some have opened your outreach, some have clicked on your shared links—they’re clearly interested in your message.

But are they ready to buy? And how can you get these engaged contacts into the hands of your sales team while they’re still warm?

Similar to the list views for your companies, people, and leads, Nutshell Campaigns now includes recipient lists for your previously sent broadcasts and newsletters.

Contacts within your recipient list can be easily filtered by their engagement actions: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Engagement actions drop-down

These recipient lists can help you turn marketing engagement into revenue. Here are a couple of ways we suggest using it:

  • Filter the recipient list for all contacts who clicked on your outreach campaign. You can then use the bulk editing features within the recipient list to reassign those contacts to your sales team to ensure they’re following up with interested audiences.

  • Previously sent out a broadcast to invite contacts to a webinar or demo, and logged the activities within your Nutshell account? Filter your recipient list by last logged activity to retrieve a list of contacts who received your outreach and attended. This list can then be used to send contacts an invitation for a follow-up session with your account managers and success teams.

  • Use the edit or ‘Add to audience’ feature to segment a large recipient list into more curated and targeted audiences. For example, a recipient list could be segmented into smaller audiences based on the territory that the contact falls under. If a team member in Nutshell is responsible for a specific territory, they’ll now have an audience of already engaged contacts to work with!

Marketing recipient list in full view

But wait, there’s more...

Recipient lists allow you to utilize the same columns and filters that are available within the people list view to see critical data about the contacts who received your broadcasts and newsletters.

Aside from engagement actions, you can also use more specific filters—such as location, tags, origin, person custom fields, personal email metrics, and many more—for a laser-focused and curated list of data.

Available filters for recipient lists

Bulk edit options in your recipient lists allow you to make necessary changes to your contacts such as reassigning ownership, adding or removing tags and audiences, or unsubscribing contacts in bulk.

Your list can also be exported into a CSV to utilize and share with your team outside of Nutshell, and we’ll even save your chosen filters and columns for each edition so that the information you want to see is there for you whenever you return!

To check out your own marketing recipient list(s), head to the Marketing tab in your account, select a previously sent broadcast or newsletter and select the Recipients tab at the top of the page.

If you haven’t designed a broadcast yet, click here to get started and take advantage of everything Nutshell Campaigns has to offer. Remember: Even without a paid marketing subscription, every Nutshell account can send 150 marketing emails per month.

Happy Nutshelling!

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