Set up custom domains in Nutshell
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Set up custom domains in Nutshell

Custom domains play a pivotal role in enhancing brand recognition and improving email deliverability. They serve two key purposes: first, by hosting landing pages, they create a white-label space for your brand. Second, for tracking emails, custom domains ensure positive deliverability and prevent other email senders from affecting your reputation.

Normally, links in your messages sent with Nutshell Campaigns look like `` or ''—this allows Nutshell to track your recipients’ engagement.

With a custom tracking domain, these links will look like This brings along the reputation of your domain to the emails that you send. Nutshell will provide you with a record that points your domain to our services, secured via an SSL certificate. Once you set up your custom domain, you won’t need to do any work to keep it secure and operational.

How to get started

View your domains

To get started with configuring custom domains, head to “Company settings” and click on “Domains” under the “Administration” section.

Add domain

Click on the “Add new domain” text button and enter the name of your domain in the dialogue that opens.

Add records to your DNS provider

Nutshell will then provide you with seven records that you need to add to your DNS provider. This tells the world that Nutshell is authorized to send and secure email on your behalf, and to host your landing pages. This will not affect your existing email or website.

Most people use services like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost as their DNS provider. You may also encounter AWS Route 53, or Cloudflare. You’ll add the records that Nutshell provides to this account.

Confirm records

Once your records have been added, you can go back to Nutshell, which will automatically check to ensure that they’re active. You’ll see a green checkbox for each record that has been verified.

Get help from our team

We’ll need your help to log in to your DNS provider, but once you have access, we can help you to create the records. Just reach out to our support team, and we'll help guide you through the process.

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