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How to create landing pages in Nutshell
How to create landing pages in Nutshell
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Designing landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns in Nutshell is a straightforward process, perfect for both marketing pros and beginners. Our drag-and-drop page builder ensures you can create, customize, publish, and manage web pages without any coding headaches.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to create and publish a landing page in Nutshell.

Get started

Access Landing pages

To begin, navigate to the Marketing menu and click on Landing pages.

Create a new page

Inside the Landing pages section, click on the “Create new page” button.

You’ll see a dialogue with three options to get started with creating your landing page:

1. Start from scratch: You can build your landing page from a blank canvas, customizing it to your needs

2. Start from a template: You can choose from a selection of templates. They’re a perfect starting point, offering inspiration and structure for your landing page design

3. Start from recent page: If you’ve already created landing pages, you can create another using the same page you’ve designed, making edits as you need

Once you’ve made your selection and clicked the “Start” button, another dialogue will pop up. In this dialogue, you can add the name of your page and the URL path you want to use.

Configure and select your hosting domain

After saving your page name and URL path, you’ll smoothly transition to the page you created. Here, you can choose to configure your page hosting domain or you can use the Nutshell-provided domain i.e. Learn more about setting up custom domains here.

If you opt to use your own domain, click on the Use custom domain block > Domain dropdown > Add new domain. You'll be directed to the Domains page to set up your domain for hosting. Once verified and successfully added, you can select the domain from the dropdown in the hosting sidebar.

Edit your page

In the same section, hover over the page, and you'll spot an "Edit page" button.

Clicking on this button opens the landing page builder sidebar. Here, you can easily edit and customize your page to suit your needs. You can add images, buttons, social links, and more.

Add a Nutshell form and/or Scheduler meeting

In the page builder sidebar, you’ll also find the option to easily integrate a Nutshell form or Scheduler meeting. Simply select the “Form” or “Scheduler” button, and a list of your created forms or meetings will be displayed. Choose the one that fits your needs, and add it to your landing page.

Preview and publish your page

Once you’ve perfected your landing page design, you can preview it before officially publishing it. Simply click the “Preview” button to see a full preview of the page you designed in a new tab. Take a moment to review the layout, content, and functionality to ensure it meets your expectations.

If everything looks just as you want it, go ahead and click the “Publish” button. Your landing page will be published and available for you to share in your campaigns and/or to your audience.

Share your landing page

To share the page URL, simply click the copy icon in the thumbnail:

See how your pages are doing [Coming soon]

Once you’ve published and shared your page, you’ll be able to monitor how many views your page has had over time. Simply click on the “Engagement” tab where you will be able to see the performance of your page.


Is any coding knowledge required to use Nutshell's drag-and-drop feature for landing pages?

No coding expertise is necessary. Nutshell's user-friendly drag-and-drop feature allows you to create landing pages easily.

Can I customize my landing pages to match the specific needs of my marketing campaigns?

Absolutely! You can tailor your landing pages to align with the unique requirements of your campaigns, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

How many landing pages can I create?

With the purchase of the landing pages add-on, you can create and publish an unlimited number of landing pages.

Is there customer support available in case I encounter any issues during the landing page creation process?

Certainly! Nutshell offers customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Feel free to email for guidance and support throughout your landing page creation journey.

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