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How to automatically send personal email sequences from Nutshell [Pro]
How to automatically send personal email sequences from Nutshell [Pro]
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Using personal email sequences to send email from Nutshell? Use sales automation to start sending sequences without lifting a finger and generate even more replies.

Use automated emailing with Nutshell to follow up with new leads when they enter your pipeline, or to follow up after you’ve sent a proposal or quote. Any time in the buying process where you know that getting in your lead’s inboxes will help you close more in sales is a great place to add an automated personal email sequence.

Your personal email sequences will begin sending when a lead enters a pipeline stage, and will stop sending when either:

  • You receive a reply from them

  • The lead enters a later stage of your choice

  • The lead closes


Before setting up email automation in your pipeline, anyone who will be emailing with open leads will start by connecting their email to Nutshell.

Secondly, write at least one email template or personal email sequence that you want to send to leads as a part of your pipeline. When creating emails to use for sales automation, keep in mind that you can only automate templates that are shared with your team and do not include any placeholders. Check out this article to see how to set up your templates and personal email sequences.

In order to send emails automatically to your leads, they must include an associated person with an email address.

Add email automation to your pipeline

In your company settings, navigate to your pipelines and click on the pipeline that you want to automatically trigger emails.

Below the stage where you want to send emails, click the + button.


Choose the template that will begin sending, how soon you want the email to go out when the lead enters the stage, and who the email will come from.


You can choose a single team member to be the sender every time your template goes out as part of your pipeline, or you can choose the lead assignee. The latter means the template will come from the same teammate who’s responsible for the lead: remember that they must have their email connected to Nutshell to send emails from Nutshell.

The sender you choose will confirm and/or add their own customization to the template before Nutshell begins sending automated emails on their behalf.

How email automation looks on your open leads

Nutshell has your back! We’ve designed automated emailing to make sure you look good when your emails land in your lead’s inbox.

When your template is ready to send, you’ll see a banner on your leads letting you know when the next email will send. If you want to speed things up, click “Send now”. If you don't want this specific lead to receive the email template, click "Cancel email".


If there are any issues preventing Nutshell from sending email on your behalf, you’ll be shown exactly what to do.

In this example, you can see that I don’t have an email address for my new lead, and that my email isn’t connected with Nutshell.


In another example, the related person is missing a first name, so Nutshell can’t autofill the template with the correct salutation:


Automation email folders

Your Nutshell inbox has a section called Automation where you can get an overview and take control of your automated emails, so your contacts never feel like they’re communicating with a robot!



The Sending section shows you every email that is scheduled to go out to a lead automatically as a part of your pipeline. From here, you can review and make changes to details like a person’s first and last name or company name by clicking on the row to edit information.


To make changes to the content or timing of an email, use the menu on the far right by clicking the 3 vertical dots. You can customize a specific email template or personal email sequence for an individual recipient, which we recommend doing whenever possible to boost your open and reply rates.

Need to adjust the timing of when an email will send, or stop an email from sending altogether? You can send an email immediately, delay the email, or cancel it.


Ready to send

Think of your Ready to send outbox as a holding area to give final approval and begin sending messages that you have reviewed. When parts of the template are missing, your emails show in the Need attention section. When the necessary information is added, they move into Ready to send where you can confirm that the email is good to go.

Click Start next to any emails in this folder to send them.


Need attention

Don’t have time to check every new lead individually to make sure their templates are complete? The Need attention folder will list all automated emails that are missing parts of the template: first name, last name, company name, or missing email address. You can click directly onto the missing information to add it in.


You can also cancel an email from here by clicking the three dots on the right.

Once you’ve entered any missing information, your email will automatically move to the Ready to send folder where you can send the email.

Notifications you will receive before automations begin

Nutshell won’t surprise you or your colleagues by sending unapproved messages automatically. You and your team members will receive email notifications from Nutshell when:

Your email is not connected with Nutshell and we can’t yet begin sending emails on your behalf


You have an automated email scheduled to go out and it’s been a week or more since this happened (no surprise emails!).


You are assigned your first lead with an email automation, and you haven’t yet customized your own version of an email template or approved the original template.


Use the links in these emails to take care of any action items, so Nutshell can begin automating your personal email outreach and help you close more sales!


If my emails are sent from the lead assignee and a lead is assigned to a team, what happens?

A lead must be assigned to one of your teammates in order to receive automated emails. If a new lead is assigned to a team, you will see an error message on the lead.


You can click "Cancel" to remove the error message, or reassign the lead to a single assignee to begin sending messages.

Can I customize the timing of my automated emails in the pipeline?

Not right now, please contact our team if you need to send emails at an interval that is not represented!

I set up emails to stop when a lead changes stage. What happens when I close a lead that hasn't changed stage yet?

Nutshell will automatically stop any in-progress personal email sequences that are a part of your pipeline when you close a lead.

How can I cancel all automated emails for leads in my pipeline?

If for any reason you need to stop all automated emails for leads in a pipeline, the best way to do this is to delete your email automation from the pipeline settings.


Questions? Get in touch with our friendly support team using the contact button in the lower right or emailing

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