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How do I automatically distribute leads into certain pipelines? [Nutshell Pro]
How do I automatically distribute leads into certain pipelines? [Nutshell Pro]
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Automatically drop leads into specific pipelines based on their criteria using lead distribution rules. These distributions help you and your team make sure that you never work a lead through the wrong process.

What is lead distribution?

Lead distribution makes Nutshell work for you and helps you leverage all of your pipelines. Leads will automatically be dropped into certain pipelines based on specific criteria that you set for them.

When do I create lead distribution rules?

The first pipeline listed on your Pipelines setup page is your team’s default and all leads will be dropped into this pipeline automatically. You can change your team’s default pipeline by clicking the three edit dots on the right side of each pipeline and selecting Set as default.


Lead distribution rules will drop leads into specific pipelines whenever a lead falls into that pipeline’s set distribution criteria. These rules will overrule the default pipeline assignment so that you can be sure that certain types of leads are being worked through the correct pipeline.

Where do I create lead distribution rules?

Lead distribution rules can be created right from the Pipelines setup page, which any team administrator can locate by accessing Company settings>Pipelines.


Just click the blue + Add lead distribution or Edit lead distribution links for each pipeline to add, change, and remove its lead distribution rules.

What criteria can I create rules for?

You can create lead distribution rules that assign pipelines to leads based on:

  • Company type

  • Industry

  • Market

  • Products

  • Sources

  • Tags

  • Territory

  • Value

How do I create or edit a lead distribution rule?

Click the blue + Add lead distribution or Edit lead distribution links for each pipeline to create or change its distribution rules.

If you are adding a new lead distribution, choose the criteria type first. Do you want to add leads to this pipeline based on their source, their products, or something else?

Once you choose the type of criteria, select the specific rules that you want to use for these pipeline assignments. Which sources or products (or any other criteria) do you want these leads to include in order to be dropped into this pipeline?


You can set multiple rules for each criteria type. For example, you can choose to automatically assign leads to a pipeline if their company type is “vendor” or if it is “standard account.”

Please note that rules cannot be combined. For example, it is not possible to require that leads be added to a certain pipeline based on both their products and their sources.

How do I delete a lead distribution rule?

In order to delete a lead distribution rule, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit lead distribution

  2. Click the red Delete button on the bottom right corner of the pop-out

  3. Confirm that you want to delete the rule

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