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Sales Quotas: Assign quotas to teams
Sales Quotas: Assign quotas to teams
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Learn how to track your team's progress against their goals.

In Nutshell, admins can set up sales quotas at Company settings > Sales quotas.

Quotas are assigned separately for each team. Once you set a quota for a team, check the box next to Track Quotas by User to adjust each team member's individual goal toward that quota.


When you add a quota, it is automatically distributed across the remaining months of that fiscal year. You can manually change how much of the quota to apply toward each month by clicking on the number and typing in a new value.

By default, quotas are only calculated on a team basis. To track by user, use the distribution slider to adjust the individual’s quota. Note that future individual quotas may change as users are added and removed from teams.

The Forecast Report will show you your sales and projected sales compared to your quota. In the chart, the dotted line is your quota:


Toward the bottom of the page, you can view a table showing your sales to date, the value of all open leads in your pipeline (total and weighted by confidence), and the quota dollar values:



Can I retroactively edit a sales quota for previous time periods?

No, you cannot change a quota for a month that has passed. Nutshell preserves your data history in reports, and changing a past quota would skew reporting.

I changed my quotas mid-month. Why don't my numbers immediately reflect those changes?

As a best practice, quotas should be edited prior to the beginning of a new time period. Nutshell will recalculate, or pro-rate, the remainder of your month based on the changes you made. At the beginning of a new quota period, Nutshell will fully reflect your changes.

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