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How do I create users in Nutshell?
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Invite your team members to join your Nutshell account to experience the full benefits of collaboration. Any administrator can create or remove users in Nutshell, to ensure that the right colleagues always have access.

Add a user

Note that you should not add your users as people in your Nutshell account.

1. First, update your number of users at Company settings > Billing

2. Visit Users & teams, then click "New user."


3. Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the new user


4. Select whether the user should be an admin. Administrators will have access to all company settings and you will not be able to restrict what they can view in your Nutshell account.

5. Decide if the user will have access to Nutshell Campaigns tools

6. Click "Create" or "Create and send invite."

If you select "Create and send invite," a welcome email will be sent to the new user with a link for them to set a password.

If you select "Create," the user will be added to Nutshell but will not receive a welcome email. You can use this option to continue setting up your account before your team starts logging in (e.g. setting up your user assignment rules for distributing new leads, or importing companies, people, and leads assigned to the correct teammate).

You can send a welcome email later by clicking on their name on your Users & teams list.


Error messages

Email address already in use


If the user's email address is associated with another Nutshell account, you will see the error message "Email address already in use."

If you encounter this error message, ensure that the user is not in your Removed Users list or your Pending users list.

If the user is not listed, it's possible that they have a separate Nutshell account open. You may want to check with them to be sure that they haven't opened a separate trial.

A note about Google Apps users

If you integrated Nutshell with Google Apps, Google Apps users will sync to Nutshell, and you can choose whether they are enabled or removed by default. If the user is listed in the Removed list, simply click their name to view their profile, then click "Enable."

When you add new users to Google Apps, they won't appear as users in Nutshell until they attempt to log in to Nutshell.

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