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Nutshell Scheduler: Effortlessly plan, schedule, and manage meetings in Nutshell
Nutshell Scheduler: Effortlessly plan, schedule, and manage meetings in Nutshell
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Scheduler makes planning and managing meetings easier than ever. Whether you need to schedule demo sessions, sales team introductory meetings, or any other type of meeting including meetings with multiple co hosts, Scheduler will help you simplify your scheduling process and streamline your workflow.

Getting started

You can find Scheduler in the primary navigation menu in Nutshell.

To get started with Scheduler, simply connect your Google or Office 365 calendar within Nutshell. This step is crucial as it enables Scheduler to accurately determine your availability. Once connected, you can start configuring your meetings.

Configure meetings tailored to your specific requirements

Scheduler offers you the flexibility to configure meetings according to your specific needs. You are able to configure solo or co-host meetings.

Create a co-hosted meeting from scratch

You can create a new meeting by clicking the "Create new meeting" button.

In the dialogue box, you can select 'Solo' or 'Co-host'. Creating a co-hosted meeting this way allows you to add co-hosts to the meeting from the dropdown.

Add co-hosts and duplicate meeting

Alternatively, you can add a co-host to an existing meeting in Scheduler. Adding a co-host to an existing meeting automatically duplicates the meeting.

Once you've created a solo or co-host meeting, you can configure it on the Meeting details page where you can add information such as:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Booking confirmation message

  • Setting the duration

  • Setting the location (whether it's virtual, in-person, or phone call)

  • Choosing the activity type

  • Setting your availability

For virtual meetings, you’ll be prompted to connect your Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams account when you click the location dropdown.

Sync with Nutshell activities

In the Activity type dropdown, you’ll be able to select your specific Nutshell activity type.

Clicking on the meeting name on the Bookings page opens a modal where you are able to log the meeting as an activity.​

Within the Availability section, you can specify your preferred time slots for booking meetings. If you have co-hosts in different time zones, Scheduler will notify you. This way, you can easily coordinate and confirm suitable meeting times for those specific meetings.

On the Form page, you’re able to add/edit form fields, configure rules to automatically create a person, lead, or company in Nutshell, and set up notifications to be informed once a meeting is booked.

The Advanced options tab allows you to configure additional options like:

  • Date range that the meeting can be booked

  • Minimum amount of notice required before someone can book the meeting

  • Time slots for invitees

  • Maximum events per day

  • Buffer time

  • Allow additional attendees

Add additional attendees

Need to allow more people into a meeting? Some meetings, like an introductory meeting or a brainstorming session, may require more than one guest. For these types of Scheduler meetings, adding the ability to include more guests is simple.

How to enable adding additional attendees to your Scheduler meeting

  1. Head to the Advanced options tab in your Scheduler meeting

  2. Find the 'Allow additional attendees' section and check the box

Adding attendees

Once enabled, your invitees will see the '+Invite additional guests' text link.

When clicked, they can easily add/remove any additional guest email addresses:

All added guests will receive a meeting invitation via email which will include the attendee list. Additionally, all guests added can easily be seen in the 'All details' link on the booking page in Scheduler as well as in the activity dialog.

When it comes to managing your bookings, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive list view of all the bookings made on the Bookings page, details will include:

  • Meeting name

  • Date of the meeting

  • Meeting status i.e. Scheduled; Past; Canceled

  • Booked by

  • Date the booking was made

  • Link to the form submission

  • Ability to reschedule, cancel or remove a booking as the meeting host

Streamline booking process: Inviting participants made easy

Once you've configured a meeting, Scheduler makes it simple to allow invitees to book a meeting with you. The ‘Let people book this meeting’ checkbox is checked by default which when checked allows invitees to access and book the meeting. If you want to disallow people to book a specific meeting, simply unchecking the ‘Let people book this meeting’ check box deactivates the meeting.

You’ll also be able to clearly preview all configured meetings to make sure that all the details are correct by clicking the Preview button.

Once your meeting is configured, you can simply share the meeting link by clicking the Copy link or clicking Share which will open a modal. The modal has the same meeting link that you could copy and share with your invitees, and they can easily book a time slot based on your availability. No more endless email exchanges or confusion.

Confirmation emails: Ensuring clarity and convenience

With Scheduler, your meeting participants receive a confirmation email as soon as they book a meeting with you. This email contains all the essential details, such as the meeting name, date, time, and location. Additionally, the confirmation email allows your participants the ability to cancel or reschedule if needed, fostering flexibility and reducing last-minute changes.

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