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How does Nutshell help me find social media information for my contacts?
How does Nutshell help me find social media information for my contacts?
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Learn more about Nutshell Intelligence, and how it uses social media profiles to evolve your communication.

Nutshell Intelligence is a set of social CRM features that make your People smarter than ever.

What does it do?

When you add a new Person, or view one that already exists, we’ll do our best to find as much information as we can about them.

Nutshell Intelligence needs an email address or Twitter handle to operate.

The information that will be added to your contact includes:

  • Location

  • Company

  • Job title

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • And tons more! You can see all the social media channels that can be identified below.


Can I turn off Nutshell Intelligence?

Nutshell Intelligence will run quietly in the background, and as you add new people or view existing people, Nutshell Intelligence will spin up and find the info for you. If you prefer to only add information manually to your contacts, you can turn it off in your general settings.

Is there a way to tell Nutshell Intelligence to go out and get the info for me?

Nutshell Intelligence will do this automatically whenever you view a person. You won't need to manually trigger this process.

Can I export Companies and People with Nutshell Intelligence?

Nutshell Intelligence is powered by a top-secret data information service that is only available in-app.

The info that was created is older. What can I do?

Nutshell Intelligence uses a top-secret data information that will update your information over time.

Will it create Companies for my People?

Yes! Nutshell will automatically create companies for your people if we can find the info online.

Nutshell Intelligence Channels:

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