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How can I get reminders to follow up with my contacts?
How can I get reminders to follow up with my contacts?
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Create recurring reminders to keep in touch with your most important contacts.

Some relationships are more valuable than others! Stay in touch with important people by creating ongoing weekly, monthly, or quarterly reminders to reach out to your valuable customers or prospects.

How to use

  1. Find that individual company or person you want to keep in touch with.

  2. On that company or person page, click the link Remind me to follow up to choose the frequency you would like to keep in touch with them.

  3. Check your Dashboard, as you would daily, and use the follow-ups filter on your task list to see all of your scheduled follow-ups. You can also edit or complete your follow-ups.


Follow up frequency

Users can choose three different recurring options to keep in touch:

  • Remind me to follow up every three months

  • Remind me to follow up every month

  • Remind me to follow up every week

Higher frequency check-ins can help with some contacts to encourage multi-touches throughout the sales cycle, and strengthen your relationship!



Can I customize the frequency of a follow-up?

The frequency of a follow-up is not currently customizable. If you'd like to plan events on a cadence of your choice, you could schedule activities in advance so you never drop the ball on those client relationships you consider most valuable. You can learn more about scheduling activities here.

Will keep in touch follow-ups sync to my calendar?

Keep in touch follow-ups will not sync to your calendar, as they are intended to prompt action directly within Nutshell as you complete your daily tasks.

What happens when I complete a keep in touch follow-up?

After you complete a follow-up, a new follow-up task will appear on your list after a full follow-up cycle. For example, if you have set weekly follow-ups with Jim Halpert, completing the follow-up prompts you with a new task due in one week. If you have set monthly follow-ups, your task list will get a new follow-up item set for one month from the day's date.

Can I change the frequency for keeping in touch?

Of course! If you choose a different frequency, it will allow you to edit the cadence of an existing follow-up reminder. For example, if you go from 3 months to 1 week, and you set it three weeks ago, it will prompt you immediately to follow up.

I just set a follow-up frequency, and it prompted me to follow up right away. What gives?

If you have never contacted the person, or if you have not contacted them in a long time (longer than the frequency), Nutshell keep in touch will remind you to follow-up immediately. We do not want you to drop the ball! ;)

Will I receive notifications to remind me to follow up?

Yes! Nutshell will treat your follow-up reminders like regular tasks, so you will receive your 30 minute reminder notifications when they are coming due.

Can I cancel a follow-up?

Yep! Click the โ€œxโ€ to lose touch with a company or person.

Can I automate follow-ups as a part of my sales process?

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