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Tasks: Use tasks to schedule reminders
Tasks: Use tasks to schedule reminders
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Set up custom reminders and see them on your To Do list!

Tasks are a lightweight way to remind yourself of things you need to do. Use them for things like "Email a proposal follow-up," or "Prepare for tomorrow's demo."

In this article you will learn the following:

Tasks vs. Activities

Use activities to represent your actual interactions with your customers such as phone calls, meetings, presentations, etc. The built-in activity reports in Nutshell make it easy to track the times you interact with customers. Use an activity if you need to report on your contact with customers and leads.

Tasks are built for things that you need to do in the future but are not actual events with your customers. Think of tasks like post-it notes that you'd throw away after you take care of it. Use a task for things you need to do but don't need to track or report on later.

Create tasks

On any page in Nutshell, click the + button at the top left of the page, and choose Task.


You can also create lightweight reminders for a task you need to complete from any company, person, or lead page.


Notifications for tasks

To make sure you don't drop the ball, you have the option of receiving a notification when another user assigns a task to you, and a notification 30-minutes before any of your tasks are due.


Notifications are customizable. Click here to learn about how to customize your notifications in Nutshell.

Sync tasks to Google

You can set up Nutshell tasks to sync to your Google tasks (note that Google does not allow tasks from external sources to include the "due time", so your task due dates will only show inside of Nutshell). Click here to learn how to sync tasks to Google.


Where do I see my tasks?

Your tasks will show up on your dashboard To Do list. Click here to learn more about using your To Do list and completing tasks in Nutshell.


Can I set up automatic follow-up reminders in Nutshell?

Yes! Click here to learn about how to set your automatic follow-up reminders to always stay in touch with your most important contacts.

Why does the time default to so late in the day?

By default, tasks are due at the end of the next business day. Tasks appear on your dashboard just like activities and pipeline stages. They can be reassigned to other users, and you can change the due date.

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