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How do I customize my dashboard cards?
How do I customize my dashboard cards?
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Create your perfect sales dashboard in Nutshell using built in or customized reports, so you know exactly where you need to focus your time and attention every day.

With a clean and customized dashboard screen, you can always be on top of your game with Nutshell!

Create dashboard cards

Dashboard cards are designed specifically for you to see your most important sales and customer data at a glance. Each user in your Nutshell account can customize their own dashboard to see metrics, lists, quotas, the sales pipeline, a leaderboard, and a general summary.

1. Click an empty slot and select your card type


2. Give your card a name

3. Choose your card options using the settings icon in the upper right corner of the card

4. Rearrange your cards by dragging & dropping them on your dashboard


Toggle between Sales and Activities. For a Sales leaderboard, select filters for Assignee, Date range, and Tags. For an Activities leaderboard, select filters for Participants, Date range, and Activity type.



The Metrics card shows your new leads, open leads, and sales volume relative to the same point during the previous time frame. Customize the time frame you are viewing on the card by choosing from the settings icon in the upper right corner.



Select one of your saved company, people, or lead lists to see a preview of the list on your dashboard. You will be able to click through to see your full list, directly from the dashboard.

Click here to learn how to create saved lists if you haven't used this functionality yet! Nutshell's powerful filters allow you to create exactly the report you need to keep yourself on track or share with your team.


List Summary

The list summary card shows you an overview of up to six saved lists. You will see the name of each saved list, the number of leads (or companies/people) in that list, and the total value of those leads.



The pipeline card allows you to see how many leads are currently at each stage. You can see the number and total value of the leads currently at every stage. Use this card to get an at-a-glance view of your pipeline.


You can use the settings icon in the upper right of this card to filter your pipeline report card by pipeline, assignee, tags, sources, products, or territories. You can also filter for Hot Leads only to see the deals most important to you and your team!

Quotas (Nutshell Pro)

You can add up to six quotas to a single card. Select the assignee and quota type from the lists. The quota card changes when you add more than one quota to the card. Create multiple quota cards if you prefer the single quota view.


Your quota cards can include both sales and activity quotas.


The black line represents the ideal progress toward a quota if you are working at a steady, even pace. The red or green bar represents your actual progress toward your quota. If your bar is red, you are behind where you would need to be during the week (activity) or month (sales) to reach your goal. If the bar is green, you are on target or ahead of your weekly activity quota or monthly sales quota.

Hot Leads

You’ll see your hot leads in any of your list preview dashboard cards. Keep an eye out for those orange chevrons and lead names. Those are the hot leads and Nutshell is reminding you to tackle those first (before your work day gets away from you)!


We’ve created a saved hot leads list for you and you can add it to your dashboard as a “list preview” card to see the first five entries and quickly access the rest of the list. You can also save customized lists of your hot leads!



Can I share the cards I have created with my team?

No; Each person needs to set up their own dashboard cards. If you have created list cards that you'd like other team members to add to their dashboard, make sure you have shared the list from the Companies, People, or Leads page.

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