Updating your Nutshell profile
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Each user can update their personal Nutshell account preferences in Profile settings.

To access your Nutshell profile:

  1. Click your user icon in the lower left

  2. Click 'save' after making any updates

What you can add on your profile

Upload a profile photo for a fun way to show off the work you're doing in Nutshell. It'll be included on all your logged activities and emails on Nutshell timelines:


Add or remove email addresses you want to use to log into your account.

Change your password.

Choose a default market (or 'currency': note that these need to be setup first by an admin in company settings).

Nutshell automatically detects your time zone the first time you log in, but you can choose a different time zone.

Select a new phone code if it is different from your company's default phone code.

Select your preferred weather units.

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