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Sync Google Calendar with Nutshell
Sync Google Calendar with Nutshell
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Do you use Google calendar to stay on top of your meetings? Learn how to get the most out of Nutshell activities by automatically synchronizing events between Nutshell and Google!

Make calendar management even easier! With one click, you can start tracking the activities you've set up in your Google Calendar inside of Nutshell. As they change, Nutshell will change with them. You can also see your Nutshell activities on your Google Calendar.

In this article, you will learn the following:

Let's dive in!

How do I set up my Google calendar with Nutshell?

  • Click your user icon in the lower left (your initials or photo)

  • Click Your settings

  • Click Calendar

  • Click the box that says Connect to my Google Calendar


You will be redirected to a Google authentication page where you can allow Nutshell to access your Google account. Completing this step will give Nutshell permission to communicate with your Google account and primary Google calendar.
You can select whether you want to sync all Nutshell activities into Google, just the activities which you mark as "Important" in Nutshell, or not to sync any activities created in Nutshell to Google.


Google calendar sync options

It's up to you whether you want activities to sync both ways between Google and Nutshell.

You will find another checkbox under 'Which calendar should we sync from Google into Nutshell?'

Check the box next to your Gmail address if you want to include your Google calendar events in your Nutshell activities. If a contact sends you a calendar invitation, it will show up as a scheduled activity in Nutshell. Log the activity in Nutshell after the meeting has passed to include it in your activity reporting. The attendees on your event will automatically be connected to the new activity in Nutshell. If those people don't exist yet, Nutshell will automatically create them. This option is great for salespeople with activity quotas.

Leave the box un-checked to limit your calendar sync to one-way, so activities scheduled in Nutshell will send to your Google calendar. With this setup, events created on your Google calendar will not send to Nutshell. This means that if a customer sends you a calendar invitation, it will not show up as a scheduled activity in Nutshell. If you want to ensure that no new contact people are added to Nutshell from Google Calendar, this is a good option.

Show your Nutshell tasks in Google Calendar

Login to Nutshell and click here, or start by clicking your initials icon in the lower-left, choosing 'Your Settings' and then 'Tasks'. Note that tasks in Google will not include their Nutshell due date, and completing tasks within Google will not sync back into Nutshell. Tasks created within Google cannot be synced into Nutshell.


To see your Nutshell task list from Google, you have two options:

  • Open your task list on the right side and choose the Nutshell list at the top:

  • Check the box next to Tasks on your list of visible calendars on the left side to view your tasks on your calendar instead of in a list:


What information will sync with my activities?

From inside Nutshell or inside your Google calendar, the following fields will synchronize both ways:

  • Google events and Nutshell activities which are created after your accounts have been synced which include at least one participant other than yourself

  • Retroactive edits made to Google events and Nutshell activities

  • Event and Activity "all day" flag

  • Event and Activity day and time

  • Event and Activity location

  • Event and Activity "important!" flag

  • Included participants/attendees and retroactive edits made to the list of participants/attendees


What is the difference between a task and an activity?

Tasks are lightweight reminders in Nutshell. By default, a task is due at the end of the next business day, based on your business hours in your General Settings. They will appear on your Dashboard in the "To Do" tab. Tasks will not be logged or count towards activity quotas.

Activities represent actual interactions with a customer: phone calls, meetings, presentations, etc. Learn more about using tasks and activities in Nutshell by clicking here.

If you add an event on Google Calendar, it will show up in Nutshell. If you schedule an activity in Nutshell, it will show up as an event in Google Calendar.

Why didn't Nutshell pull in my old Google Calendar events?

Nutshell won't create activities for old events. It will only create activities in Nutshell for Google events which occur in the future.

I created an activity with me and other users in Nutshell, but it didn't create an event in my Google Calendar. What gives?

Nutshell won't create activities or events that only have Nutshell users on them (i.e. there must be at least one non-Nutsheller added as a participant on the event/activity).

What if I add someone to the Google event who isn't a Person in Nutshell?

Nutshell will automatically create that Person for you if they don't exist!

Can I sync my activities with my Apple calendar?

Although we don't have a built-in sync with iCal, it is possible to see your Nutshell activities on your Apple calendar. In order to sync your activities to Apple calendar, you'll need to access your Subscribable calendar feed from Nutshell.

What happens if someone sends me an event invitation on Google?

If someone sends you an event invitation on Google, that activity will sync to your Nutshell calendar if you are syncing activities from your Google calendar. You will be able to edit the activity in Nutshell.

Can I sync my scheduling tool with Google calendar and Nutshell?

Yes! Click here for full instructions on connecting Nutshell with Google Calendar and a scheduling tool like Calendly.

Alright, I set up the sync between Google calendar and Nutshell. What's next? How do I use activities?

Nice work! Check out our article about scheduling and logging activities in Nutshell to learn more.

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