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How do I change the ownership of my Nutshell account?
How do I change the ownership of my Nutshell account?
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Is your business changing hands? Is your sales leadership turning over? Do you want to put someone else in charge of your Nutshell account?

There are two things to consider when transitioning your account. Once you have changed over your billing information and accounted for the employees who will and will not continue to use Nutshell after the transition, you'll be all set!

1) Your Nutshell billing

Your Nutshell account is "owned" by whomever's billing information is on file in the billing section of your account here. To change the ownership of the account, update the credit card or bank transfer information on that page. Click here for more information about updating your billing.

2) Your Nutshell admins and active users

Are the same people going to continue using Nutshell? If so, you don't need to change a thing. If different employees will be using the tool, you'll need to add and remove users as necessary and decide who the administrator(s) should be. To add or remove users from your Nutshell account, visit this page.

Click on any individual user to remove them from the account or make changes to their admin status. Click here to learn about what it means to be a Nutshell administrator. If you would like more information about adding users in Nutshell, click here. For more information about removing existing users, click here.

If you are the admin and will no longer be using your company's Nutshell account or are leaving the company, you will need to designate a new admin. Then, the new admin will need to sign in and remove you from the account.

3) Your company name and logo

If the name of your company is changing, you can update your name and logo in your Nutshell general settings. You can also edit your company slogan.

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