Required DKIM / DNS record update
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In April 2022, we launched a new email delivery system to provide more reliable deliverability for our Nutshell Campaigns customers. If you set up DKIM / SPF records earlier this year, you will be prompted to update them.

To ensure the best delivery of email campaigns, we recommend that Nutshell Campaigns users set up DKIM and SPF records. In April of 2022 we launched a new system, which will require a number of early customers to set up new records.

If this affects you, you will see a banner in the Sender addresses section. To resolve this, open up the Configure section and create the 5 DNS records that you are prompted. It will look like this:


The old DNS records contained references to "" โ€” once you have confirmed your new records, the old records can be removed.

We appreciate your patience, and these new records provide us with a future-proof system to securely and reliably deliver your email campaigns.

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