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September 2021: The Shipping News - Which links are catching your readers’ attention? 👀 We can tell you!
September 2021: The Shipping News - Which links are catching your readers’ attention? 👀 We can tell you!
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Link tracking is now available for all your broadcasts, newsletters, and drip sequences!

The Shipping News

Hi friend,

Earlier this month, we hosted a first-look webinar to introduce Nutshell Campaigns’s newest feature: drip sequences.

And now that “drips” have officially been dropped, we’re rolling out enhancements to improve Nutshell Campaigns and to provide our customers with more insight into the effectiveness of their marketing emails.

With that being said, we’re happy to announce that individual link tracking is now available for all Nutshell Campaigns emails!

Click rates will be tracked for each link within all of your broadcasts, newsletters, and drip sequences. You will now see a link tracking table below the graph under the Engagement tab that looks like this:

Each featured link, including any linked photos or videos, will be listed in the table alongside the link’s total clicks and unique clicks. Total clicks account for every time the link was clicked, while unique clicks only reflect the initial click of the link by any recipient of your outreach.

Having engagement data about specific links within your outreach shows you which content and offers your readers are most interested in, and the effectiveness of how you present your CTAs, all of which helps you improve future marketing emails.

Did I mention that link tracking also functions retroactively?! That’s right—any broadcast, newsletter, or drip sequence that was previously sent will now have link tracking stats available!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the traffic on your links

Go to the Outreach section within your Nutshell account to design a brand-new broadcast or check the click stats of any previously sent email. And click this link so I know you made it all the way down here.

Happy Nutshelling!


Ashanté Clemons
Product Marketing Specialist, Nutshell

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