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January 2022: The Shipping News - Links: clicked✔️ Goals: completed✔️ You: notified✔️
January 2022: The Shipping News - Links: clicked✔️ Goals: completed✔️ You: notified✔️
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No need to open Nutshell to see your outreach activity–we'll alert you!

The Shipping News

Hi friend,

Back in September, I sent out an email announcing a new feature within Nutshell Campaigns: link tracking. Link tracking gave Nutshell Campaigns users a closer look at the effectiveness of their marketing content and CTAs, displaying both total and unique clicks for each link in each message.

This week our development team has released the highly anticipated follow-up feature: notification alerts! Now, when links within your marketing messages are clicked or when drip sequence goals are met, we’ll let you know.

Nutshell now has notification alerts!

Get notified!

Nutshell can now tell you when an email recipient is showing serious interest, so you can get in touch with them right away.

To receive notifications when a link in your marketing message is clicked, go to the Engagement section of any broadcast, newsletter edition, or drip sequence within Nutshell Campaigns. On the link tracking table, you’ll select which users will receive click notifications and if notifications will be sent for clicks of any link in the message or for specific links.

Select users to receive link clicked notifications
See which users are receiving click linked notifications

We’ve got your back!: Sent a marketing email out, but forgot to set up your link tracking notifications? Not a problem—you can still set up and receive link tracking notifications for previously sent and currently scheduled messages.

To receive notifications when a goal is met for your drip sequences, open any drip sequence within Nutshell Campaigns to create or add a new goal, and choose “Link is clicked.” You’ll then be able to determine which link(s) contribute to your goal.

For assistance with setting up drip sequences, check out this guide from our help center.

Adding a 'link is clicked' goal to drip sequences

Reminder: You’ll need to opt-in to receiving notifications for clicked links and drip sequence goals in your notification settings. You can choose to receive notifications to your notification section in Nutshell, your email inbox, and your mobile device.

Notification settings

Understanding which parts of your outreach are successful in grabbing your reader’s attention allows you see how and where your outreach is most impactful.

Receiving a celebratory notification from Nutshell when a reader has clicked your link or met your drip sequence goal is just the cherry on top! 😉

You got a notification from Nutshell!

Now, it’s your turn. Head to the Outreach section of your Nutshell account and set up link tracking notifications for any marketing message or learn more about our drip sequences and how adding a goal can help you measure how much your messages are actually accomplishing.

Happy Nutshelling!


Ashanté Clemons
Product Marketing Specialist, Nutshell

Nutshell | 206 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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