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Nutshell + WebFX FAQ
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Written by Andy Fowler
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Is Nutshell closing / changing its name / getting shut down?

No! Nutshell’s name, brand, product, and team is staying the same. We’re continuing to grow from our HQ in Ann Arbor, MI.

Will Nutshell still be a CRM?

Yes! All Nutshell customers can expect to continue using our software for contact management and pipeline management.

Are there any changes to data storage, the privacy policy, or license agreement?

No. Any data added to Nutshell is still stored securely and reliably in the same servers with no changes to our security policies, privacy policy, or end user license agreement.

My organization is in the EU and needs to comply with GDPR. Is my data processing addendum still valid?

Yes, if you have entered into a DPA with Nutshell, it is still valid.

Do I need a new W-9 form?

Nope! Nutshell, Inc. is still the same organization.

Who are these WebFX folks?!

WebFX is a brilliant team of digital marketers, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. They share many of our same values: a passion for well-designed software, and a genuine interest in helping businesses grow. You can learn more about them here.

What are some of the improvements coming to Nutshell?

In the next few weeks you’ll learn about Nutshell Analytics: a powerful tool to understand how visitors to your site become leads. Nutshell’s core timelines are also getting a colorful new look, with new filtering and collaboration powers.

Later this year, lead attribution reports will help you understand where your best leads come from (if your eyes glaze over at “UTM parameters,” this is for you).

How did you celebrate the new partnership?

Glad you asked. We took to the high seas of the Detroit River, and had a three-hour tour, with Canada on our left, Detroit on our right, and Backstreet Boys thumping on the boat’s sound system.

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